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Information Session on the ARUA-U21 Funding Round 2023

Information Session on the ARUA-U21 Funding Round 2023


On 31st May, the ARUA CoE Identities organized an information session on the ARUA-U21 ECR Collaborative awards call. The session was organized to give participants deeper details about applications for ARUA  and U21 Universities 

Prof. Sarah Ssali, the ARUA CoE Identities Director made a presentation about the funding which included eligibility, application process, and lists of ARUA and U21 universities among other details. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

Senior researchers including Prof. Sarah Ssali from Makerere University, Prof. Eunice Kamaara from Moi University and Dr. Motlapula Nathane from Witwatersrand University were joined by Dr. Emmanuel Abbey and Ms. Ewuraba Addo from the ARUA Secretariat in responding to the questions from the participants. The major issues in the session included.

  • Eligibility: Participants wanted to know who is considered an ECR as far as the call is concerned. They also wanted to know whether ECRs under the ARUA CoE Identities from the non-ARUA Universities could apply. Dr. Emmanuel Abbey informed participants that ECRs with strong connection to an ARUA University could apply.
  • Collaborating to apply: ECRs were advised on how to get in touch with Early Career Researchers from U21 Universities. They were encouraged to visit U21 Universities’ websites for more details and also to attend the information sessions organized by the ARUA secretariat. They were also asked to inform the CoE secretariat if they required formal introduction.
  • Proposal ideas: The ECRs listed their proposal ideas which they discussed together with the senior researchers. They were encouraged to link the themes in the call with issues of identities.

Information Session on the ARUA-U21 Funding Round 2023

The participants were encouraged to register and attend more information sessions organized by the ARUA Secretariat in early June where they could even meet other ECRs from both ARUA and U21 universities to collaborate with.

Link to the ARUA-U21 Call

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