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ARUA CoE Identities welcomes the Second Cohort of Early Career Researchers under the UKRI-SCaRPE-A Project.

ARUA CoE Identities welcomes the Second Cohort of Early Career Researchers under the UKRI-SCaRPE-A Project.


In an induction meeting that was attended by a number of senior researchers under the SCaRPE-A project, seven Early Career Researchers (ECRs) were welcomed to the research team. The induction took place yesterday on 11th September, 2022. The ECRs have joined a team of 15 other researchers working on the changing notions of parenthood, motherhood and fatherhood in Africa making the entire SCaRPE-A research team currently coming to a total of 22.

The team has become more diverse not only because researchers are coming from different departments in six Universities of five countries on the continent but also because each of them is conducting a specific project. The senior researchers commended the newly boarded researchers for their interesting research projects and look forward to working with them throughout their one year projects and beyond. The ECRs and their topics are as follows:

  1. Zaid Sekito, PhD “Historicing the Concept of Motherhood in Uganda; Buganda, c1840 – 2021” – Makerere University
  2. Simnikiwe Magqamfana, “Black men and fatherhood: the alienation of Black fathers from their children in Alice.”  University of the Witwatersrand
  3. Anja Human-Hendricks, PhD “Intergenerational transference of parenting: parenting competencies and child well-being.” – University of the Western Cape
  4. Dan Ndosimana, “Fathers’ involvement in children’s lives among historically marginalized groups in Rwanda” – University of Rwanda
  5. Akanni Bolaji Olaronko “Widowhood Dynamics and the Complexities of Parenting in Osun State, Nigeria” – University of Ibadan
  6. Edith Kamaru Kwoba, PhD “Changing roles of Motherhood and Fatherhood, and the Impact on The Mental Health of Youths in Eldoret, Kenya” – Moi University Kenya
  7. Ikem Godspower Ujene, “Victimization Experiences and Parental Care Giving in the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Boko Haram Members” –University of Ibadan

Being a capacity building project, UKRI-SCaRPE-A project will avail a series of capacity building training workshops to the ECRs that are to be supervised and mentored by the senior researchers.