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The First ARUA CoE-Identities Early Career Researchers Workshop

The First ARUA CoE-Identities Early Career Researchers Workshop


On the fourth of May, 2023, the ARUA CoE Identities conducted an Early Career Researchers Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a platform for Early Career Researchers under the UKRI Strengthening Capacity for Research and Policy Engagement in Shifting Notions of Motherhood and Fatherhood for Improved Children’s Wellbeing in Africa (UKRI-SCaRPE-A) project to share their preliminary work.

Prof. Sarah Ssali (Right)
Prof. Sarah Ssali (Right)

The workshop included the following presentations from five Early Career Researchers in three African Universities.

  1. “Changing Roles of Fatherhood and Motherhood and Implication on Child Well-being in Context of COVID 19 in Mukono District” ~ Proscovia Nalwadda, PhD Candidate, Makerere University
  2. “Lived Experiences of Single Motherhood and Child Wellbeing in Kamukungi Sub-County, Nairobi-Kenya” ~ Dr. Moses Mutua Mutiso, Lecturer, Moi University
  3. “New Fatherhood in the Era of Neoliberalism, Children Wellbeing and Fatherhood Future. A case Study of Langa Informal Settlement in Eldoret-Kenya” ~ Dr. Ednah Masita, Lecturer Makerere University
  4. “The effect Neoliberalism on changing notions of motherhood and fatherhood in Wakiso District” ~ Dr. Mugambwa Joshua, Lecture- Makerere University Business School
  5. “The development of a framework to include fathers in policy and programmes in South Africa” ~ André Lewaks PhD Candidate - University of Western Cape

Dr. Sharon Omotoso, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ibadan and Prof. Eunice Kamaara, A Professor at Moi University chaired the presentations. Both chairpersons are senior researchers on the SCaRPE-A Project.

The researchers received relevant feedback from their audience which they are to use refine their work. All the researchers are expected to publish at least a paper under the UKRI-SCaRPE-A project.

The hybrid workshop had its 36 physical participants convened in CHUSS Smart room at Makerere University while the 40 online participants attended by zoom. Among the participants were Prof. Akosua Darkwah (ARUA CoE Identities Executive Committee member), Prof. Kesh Govider (ARUA CoE Identities International Advisory Board Member), Ms. Ewuraba Addo (ARUA Project Coordinator), Dr. Nansozi K. Muwanga (Director, Nyerere Leadership Centre), Assoc. Prof. Sarah Ssali (ARUA CoE Identities Director), Prof. Josephine Ahikire (Principal, CHUSS-Makerere University) and the Prof. Umar Kakumba (Deputy Vice Chancellor) who opened the workshop.

Prof Umar Kakumba
Prof Umar Kakumba

In his opening remarks, Prof. Kakumba said that “African research in parenting is very important because the African context on parenting, changing gender roles, responsivity and obligations have shifted with the neoliberal era”. He added that despite the changes, families continue to be fundamental in building societies. He thanked the Centre Director for the great Leadership that has led to the CoE’s progress and the Principal for creating an enabling environment.

Prof. Josephine Ahikire (PhD)
Prof. Josephine Ahikire

Prof. Akihire emphasized the importance of identities scholarship for solutions to contemporary problems. She added that Early Career Researchers programmes and workshops are very important for rearing the young people into an academic culture.

While Ms. Addo congratulated the CoE for achieving gender balance among the ECRs. She thanked the CoE for organising the workshop with presentations that she learnt from.

Closing remarks were made by Kesh Govinder who thanked the CoE for organising the workshop and noted that there is no doubt that the CoE is in good hands.